About Us

Customer centricity

With the customer-centric philosophy, Resdii always focuses on listening and accompanying customers to create the best experiences that brings value beyond their expectations.


We always care about the aesthetics of every application product. All software products are always evaluated UI/UX (User Interface/ User Experience) by a team of professionals before being deployed to the markets.



We are well aware that product quality is a factor to affirm our competitive position in the market, hence products created from Resdii always meet the highest quality standards.


Resdii has a team of experts with years of experience in software development and 100% of engineers graduated from prestigious universities in information technology.


Resdii builds the basic technology platforms and reuses them when there are different requirements to shorten software development time and optimize costs.


Information security and safety are always our top priority, hence we use sets of rules to ensure that customer and project information is always completely confidential.

Software solutions consulting

Consulting and evaluating software solutions for business operations and digital transformation.

Web apps design and development

Developing web applications based on advanced technologies, in line with technological trends in the market.

Mobile apps design and development

Developing mobile applications using Cross Platform technology to optimize costs for customers.

Provide platform products

Providing full-package software solutions for businesses in the field of real estate at a competitive cost.

We are here to serve you.